What we do?

A non-profit association for the Research, Study and Excellence of the Tourism Sector in the Canary Islands.
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Research, study and excellence.

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Aims of the association


Carrying out studies, reports and research related to tourism activity in the Canary Islands and its relationship with the economic and social development of its environment.


Promotion and dissemination of knowledge, teachings and applications to all technical, economic and social processes that contribute to the development of tourism in the islands.

Serve as a Forum

To serve as a forum for research, study and presentation of the sector's problems and, at the same time, as a vehicle for the search for solutions.


Collaborate with the Commission and the European Parliament, the Spanish and Canary Islands governments, local authorities and private entities in the tourism sector.


The promotion, organisation and management of projects in the field of tourism, of common interest for the partners.


The establishment of all types of collaboration relationships with similar or analogous entities, at local, state and international level, with the aim of exchanging experiences and knowledge.


The defence of the good image of the associated companies and those linked to the tourism sector in the Canary Islands, as well as the creation, training, elaboration and dissemination of opinion statements promoted by the Association.


The defence and promotion of the interests of the associated companies and the tourism sector, in their relations with legislative bodies and public administrations at community, state, regional and local level.

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