Resident Tourism Survey (ETR/FAMILITUR). First quarter 2024

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Resident Tourism Survey

During the first quarter of 2024, the number of trips by Spanish residents increased by an impressive 15.0%, reaching 40.6 million trips.


  •  Total Spending: Up 25.4%, exceeding €11,678 million.

  •  Main destinations: Andalusia, Catalonia and Comunitat Valenciana stood out as the favorite destinations.

About the Resident Tourism Survey:

This ongoing survey’s main objective is to provide monthly, quarterly and annual estimates of trips taken by residents in Spain, including details on:

  •  Destination and Duration

  •  Reason for trip

  •  Accommodation

  •  Means of Transportation

  •  Expenditure

  •  Sociodemographic Characteristics of Travelers

The survey continues the work of the Spanish Tourism Movements Statistics (FAMILITUR) and has been disseminating results since February 2015. To explore more about the historical data and methodology, you can consult in the section:

More information; INE

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