Spain sees a 29.7% increase in tourist spending in March!

Canary Islands, Catalonia, and Andalusia lead the growth, while the United Kingdom, Germany, and Nordic countries top the spending by country

International tourists spent a total of 8.652 billion euros in Spain during March, representing a significant increase of 29.7% compared to the same month in 2023.

The average tourist expenditure also experienced positive growth, reaching 1,363 euros, which is 7.3% more than last year. The average daily expenditure also rose by 5.4% to reach 180 euros.

United Kingdom, Germany and the Nordic countries lead spending

In terms of emitting countries, the United Kingdom positioned itself as the main market, representing 15.8% of total spending, followed by Germany with 14.0% and the Nordic countries with 8.6%. Among these, it is worth noting the remarkable increase in spending from the United Kingdom (17.8%), Germany (45.1%) and the Nordic countries (27.6%).

Activities, transport and accommodation: the main items of expenditure

Tourist activities were consolidated as the most important item of expenditure in March, representing 21.0% of the total and experiencing a 26.2% increase compared to the same month in 2023. Expenditure on international transport (not included in package tours) and accommodation followed in importance, with 20.6% and 16.9% of the total, respectively. Both items also registered significant growth: international transport increased by 30.5% and accommodation by 26.0%.

Hotels and package-free travel gain ground

58.2% of total expenditure in March was made by tourists staying in hotels, representing an annual increase of 24.4%. On the other hand, expenditure on non-market accommodation (such as tourist apartments) grew by 14.8%.

In terms of travel organization, tourists who chose to travel without a package tour experienced a 27.4% increase in their expenditure, while those who contracted a package tour did so by 37.8% more.

Leisure: the main reason for the trip

Tourists who visited Spain for leisure reasons generated 81.5% of total expenditure, which means 30.2% more than in March 2023.

Canary Islands, Catalonia and Andalusia: star destinations

The autonomous communities that benefited most from tourist spending in March were the Canary Islands (with 26.9% of the total), Catalonia (17.3%) and Andalusia (16.9%). It is important to highlight the remarkable growth in spending in these regions: 20.9% in the Canary Islands, 38.1% in Catalonia and 47.6% in Andalusia.

In summary, the tourism figures in Spain in March are very positive, with generalized growth in all items and a strong rebound in the arrival of visitors from the main emitting markets.

This is a clear indication of the recovery of the Spanish tourism sector and its attractiveness as a leading international tourist destination.

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