Canary Islands Tourism on the Rise

Canary Islands Tourism on the Rise: ISTAC Data Reveals Positive Outlook

The Canary Islands are experiencing steady growth in the tourism sector, according to the latest Tourist Accommodation Surveys published by the Instituto Canario de Estadística (ISTAC). This data, which covers from 2009 to 2024, offers detailed information on accommodation capacity, occupancy rates, profitability, prices, revenue and employment in hotels and apartments on the islands.

Key indicators show a positive trend:

  • Increased accommodation capacity: There is a constant increase in the number of places available in hotels and apartments, reflecting investment in the sector and confidence in the tourism potential of the islands.
  • Rising occupancy rates: The demand for tourist accommodation in the Canary Islands continues to grow, with occupancy levels reaching record highs in some municipalities and times of the year.
  • Rising profitability: Hotels and apartments are experiencing an increase in their income, driven by higher occupancy and rising prices.
  • Rising prices: Hotel and apartment rates are on an upward trend, reflecting the high demand and perceived value of the Canary Islands tourist destination.
  • More jobs in the sector: The growth of tourism has a positive impact on employment, with an increase in the number of jobs in hotels, apartments and related services.

The data also allows us to analyze the origin of tourists and the categories of establishments:

  • Tourists from all over the world: The Canary Islands attract visitors from various countries, with a predominance of the European market.
  • Variety of accommodation options: Tourists can choose from a wide range of establishments, from luxury hotels to budget apartments.

In general, the ISTAC Tourist Accommodation Surveys offer a positive outlook for the tourism sector in the Canary Islands. The data reveals sustained growth in the main indicators, confirming the islands’ position as a leading international tourist destination.

The ISTAC publication is a valuable resource for investors, tourism managers, public entities and anyone interested in the tourism sector in the Canary Islands.

Para más información consulte el ISTAC:

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