Non-hotel tourist accommodations in Spain soar by 31.4% in March!

More than 9.2 million overnight stays in non-hotel tourist accommodation in March!

An increase of 31.4% compared to the same month in 2023

Holy Week boosts the sector with increases in all subsectors: apartments, campsites, rural tourism accommodation and hostels.


  • Apartments: Overnight stays in tourist apartments grew by 18.8%, with the Canary Islands as the preferred destination (more than 2.4 million overnight stays) and Tenerife as the most demanded area (more than 802,000 overnight stays). The price rose by 12.9%.
  • Campsites: Overnight stays in campsites soared by 56.9%, with Catalonia as the favorite destination (more than 877,000 overnight stays) and the Costa Blanca (Alicante) as the most crowded area (more than 391,000 overnight stays). The price of campsites increased by 7.6%.
  • Rural tourism: Overnight stays in rural tourism accommodation rose by 48.6%, with Castile and León as the preferred destination (more than 172,000 overnight stays) and Mallorca Island as the most demanded area (more than 70,000 overnight stays). The price in this sector rose by 4.0%.
  • Hostels: Overnight stays in hostels registered an increase of 25.1%, with the Community of Madrid as the favorite destination (more than 125,000 overnight stays). The price of hostels remained stable.

In general, the average stay was 4.0 nights per traveler.

The data for March, marked by Holy Week, are not entirely comparable to those of 2023, as the holiday was celebrated in different months. It is recommended to wait for the results of April for a joint analysis.

Without a doubt, the non-hotel tourist accommodation sector is booming, driven by both domestic and international demand.

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