EU Accommodation and Food Service Sector Employs 9.9 Million People and Generates €203.6 Billion in Value Added

Accommodation and Catering: A Key Sector for the EU Economy

According to the latest statistics from Eurostat, the accommodation and food service sector in the European Union (EU) employed 9.9 million people in 2021, representing 6.3% of total employment in the business economy. The sector also generated a value added of €203.6 billion, equivalent to 2.2% of the total value added of the business economy.

In terms of businesses, the accommodation and food service sector had 1.9 million active businesses in 2021, representing 6.1% of all active businesses in the EU. These businesses generated a net turnover of €446 billion in 2021.

Variable Contributions by Country

The contributions of the sector to the value added and employment of the business economy varied considerably between EU countries in 2021.

In terms of value added, the highest contribution was recorded in Greece (6.5%), followed by Cyprus (6.0%) and Croatia (5.4%). The lowest percentages were observed in Slovakia (0.8%), Czechia (1%) and Poland and the Netherlands (both 1.2%).

In terms of employment, the contribution of the sector was highest in Greece (19.6%), Cyprus (13.5%) and Spain (9.5%). The lowest percentages were recorded in Poland (2.8%), Slovakia (3.3%) and Finland (3.9%).

For more information, please refer to Eurostat.

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